Frequently Asked Question

To Get JustAdx Approval You Need A Website Which Complies All The Necessary T&C Of Google Adsense (Like Proper And Quality Content). We Don't Support Any Illegal Or Adult Content, Also Self Ad Clicks Or Force Ad Clicks Or Bot Clicks Are Not Allowed.

For Apps Also It Is Similar, You Need To Have A Genuine App Which Should Be Published On Google Play Store And Doesn't Contain Any Integrated VPN/Force Clicking Ads/Self Clicking Ads/Telling Users To Click Ads. If Such Things Found On Your App, You Will Never Get Approval.

Your Website Must Be 3 Months Old, Must Have Minimum 250k+ Monthly Traffic And 40% Organic Traffic.

For App You Need Minimum 50k+ Installs On Google Play Store And Daily Active Users Or Installs From Google Play Store.

We Review Website Within 24 Hrs After That You Need To Add Ads.Txt On Your Website. Then We Will Send Your Website To Google For Approval. The Complete Process May Take 2 to 14 Days (Time Depends Upon Google Response Time).

For App We Send Your App For Approval And Once Approved We Will Provide You The Ad Units.

You Will Get Your Earning Report On Your Dashboard After Your Site Starts Earning.

Note: If You Can't Make At-Least $ 5 Daily You Won't Get Daily Report. To Start Getting Report Once Again You Need To Increase Traffic.

Payment is Always on Time. We Provide Payment On Net 30 And NET 45 Basis Via Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer and Paypal.

Minimum Payout Threshold

Our Minimum Payment Threshold Is 50 Dollar.

Our Payment Methods

Paytm, UPI, Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer and Paypal.

Our Payment System

We Provide Payment On Net 30 And NET 45 Basis.